Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Why Can't I Have My Cake And Lose Weight Too???

I love cake, and ice cream, and Milk Duds and Dove chocolates and . . .

But that of course is a problem. I admit it. I am a sugar addict. Well, okay, let's be totally honest. I am a sugar ADDICT!!

In looking over my list of barriers to good health (see below) I decided this is my most difficult one. This is the one that by 9:00 a.m. sends me to the pantry shelves in a desperate search for that chocolate/sugar I know is in there. It is what deceives me into believing Oreos are my best friend.

Sugar is what picks me up, and it is what dashes me down. It is a vicious cycle I live by.

So I decided to take my worst barrier head on. I am going to face it down and I am going to come off conqueror!

My goal this month is to eliminate refined sugars from my life.
Which means I am going to:

1. Throw out the left over Halloween candy and all other high sugared foods.
2. Replace refined sugar in my diet with natural sugars and healthier choices.
3. Pray--a lot--for the strength to do this as just writing this is causing me to feel pains of withdrawal.

I can do this!! Yes, I can!!
So starting tomorrow . . .
I will keep you informed. :-)